It’s Spring!!

Winter is over!!!!!!

Well, the weather may stick around for a while before spring gets here, but at least we can look forward to nicer weather! 


Today was leg day. I certainly felt it as I was going through the exercises. I can only imagine what tomorrow will be – yikes!

Today is also the first day of the 100 day low carb challenge – spring cleaning. I’m a part of a facebook group and this is the third round for the year. I’m going to be making a serious effort this time round, the gym visits are a huge boost for my nutrition side of things. 

Life is pretty good at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got crap happening to me but I’m smelling the roses today.

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Over the hurdle

So I can now say I’m over this illness that I had. It wiped me out, the headaches and lethargy… I’m glad it’s over. I’m feeling more awake, and have more energy to do things. I’m annoyed that I had to stop my August Challenge, and pretty much didn’t achieve any of my goals for the month. I did however achieved 2 of the 5 (or 6!). And that was I completed 100 km cardio distance, and thus kept up with my fitness planner. I was lucky that I went hard with my cardio distances before I went down in anticipation of an assignment that I had due last week. So I have managed to reach 100 km last night when I took my little pal for his walk. I made sure I walked him no matter how I felt – I had to do something! 

I was looking around on reddit last night, mostly at the progress pics just for motivation. I haven’t been in a positive mindset with everything that had been happening. And feeling disillusioned. My weight has stayed between the same 5 kilos for about 16 months now. Everytime I get somewhere, something happens. And it’s DRIVING ME CRAZY! Anyway, getting back to reddit and I saw someone posted something about fitness programs. A few hours later I came to the decision of completing Lee Labrada 12 weeks lean body program. I need a routine to break my plateau so I’m giving this a go. It’s a popular program on reddit, has great results, and most of all, it’s free. It’s right up my alley. I checked out the weight exercises, and non of them are foreign to me. So here goes nothing! 

I went ahead this morning with day one, and it went fine. It felt odd, I’m normally in the gym for a good hour, maybe 1.5 hours. I was in and out in 50 minutes. I’m sticking to this like glue. I need to do something to jump start this body of mine! 

I’m still staying with my cardio stuff, it’s programmed in. It’s a little different, but I’ll be keeping up with my running still. And now that the weather is warming up (about bloody time – that was a long winter!), I can keep y dog out longer, hence completing my 5km runs 5 days a week. I just need to adjust myself from being on the treadmill to land.  The difference is huge! 

Anyway that’s it for the time being. I’m about to have my breakfast – butter on boiled eggs! 


Everything hurts 😆 

I’m onto day three of the 30 day shred and everything hurts. My calves aches going down stairs, my thighs aches, shoulders are sore…. Now, I can easily run 4kms with no stops at a reasonable pace. So when I saw I had to do star jumps I thought geez, I haven’t done that since I was a kid and that was easy. For 45 seconds I was to star jump. Okay. I barely lasted 10 seconds!!! What the??? 

I pushed through with a couple of pauses through out the 45 seconds – it was the only way I could do it! That and the same for these leg kicks. Hence the calves issues. The top of my thighs aches from the lunges. Now, normally with weights it’s a set of say 8 – 12 for 3 sets. But these are timed with no breaks after you do 8 or 12. I gave up counting after 21! 

But it’s all good. Once I get past this part and grow stronger I’ll be fine. DOMS just sucks. 

I have to do day 4 tmw before I get a 2 day break from it. I have to do a day of cardio – which I will do on the stationary bike coz my legs are not functioning properly lol. Then I’ll have a rest day the day after. I’m so looking forward to the rest day!  I’m hoping to see or feel some results this time next week 🙂 

Anyway I’m off to bed. It has been a long day today. 

Day 11 August Photo Challenge

Outside! This one was easy because I’m out walking the dog 4-6 times a week. Today I woke up to wet grounds so I had a mental groan that my dog is going to come back muddy. Again. But I managed to keep him reasonably clean (he walked in to a puddle that I so did not see until the last milliseconds. 

I can’t wait until summer gets here. Then I can start complaining it’s too hot 😁

Day 9 August Photo Challenge!


I don’t know what you listen to but I listen to a great range of tunes. But not much of the current stuff. I’m mostly stuck in the 80s and 90s, with a little bit of the 00s and today’s. 

Having said that, my favorite tune at the moment is Rachel Platten’s fight song! This app is not letting me attach pics so this will have to suffice 😁 

Keep on keeping on peeps! 

Sometimes you need to change things up.

I’ve been working hardcore on my studies so I decided to take the day off from it. Which made me a bit bored. So after twiddling my thumbs a bit and willing myself not to go and hit the books I decided to do a little research. 

Sometimes I get bored with exercise, or that I’m not consistent enough with it. I just have too much on my plate. But I’m ready to be more consistent with it all. I want to. I have a monthly planner where I record what I have achieved. Not what I planned, but what I have actually done. That way I can see the gaps in my exercises and find the reasons why I don’t follow through on some days. Last week I saw the early days of the week to be fine. Weds have always been my rest days although I do manage something every second Wed. Thursdays and Saturdays are the days I struggle with the most. And sometimes Sundays. So I’m going to make an effort to overcome this.

Today I did my first day of the 30 day shred. I attempted it years ago but gave up. I’m going to give it a another go to see if I can finish it.  I actually felt it when I took my dog out for his walk. I feel good for it, I have to remember to do the photos and measurement later tonight! 

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